Quotes about Rose Tico

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"self appointed hall monitor"

"Rose was some self appointed hall monitor, stopping Finn (a civilian who was brought on board as an unconscious patient) from leaving." - Ackbar_and_Grille

someone to challenge Finn

"Finn needing somebody else to go with who would actually challenge him and push him and contrast with him was where Rose came from." - Rian Johnson

not allowed to fail

"not allowing women to fail or be taught things reinforces the idea that female characters have to be "perfect" in order to be worthy of depicting, which is both kind of dehumanizing and also leads to some really boring characters being created." bugsdoingthings

tear down male characters

"Rather than build up the female characters, they just tear down the male ones, which is a horrible example to set for women and furthers the stereotype that feminism is about hating men." Moriartis

tasing Finn

"If [Rian Johnson had] written his story to show that allegiance to people > allegiance to a cause, Finn wouldn't have been tased and lambasted for daring to try to save his friend in the first place." - emilypandemonium