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  • "use the 32bit version of MPC-HC" [1]
    • "No it doesnt matter, I'm using the 64bit version of mpc / madvr and lavfilters. HDR is working perfectly"[2]
  • "Windows 10 Creator's Update there's a new option in the OS display settings dialog named "HDR and Advanced Color". If you turn this option off, your TV will always be in switched into SDR mode"
    • "Nvidia comes to the rescue of all HTPC users who want perfect quality for both SDR and HDR content: Nvidia's private HDR API allows madVR to dynamically switch the TV into and out of HDR mode, as needed."
    • "E.g. with Nvidia driver 376.33 dynamic HDR switching works perfectly fine in Windows 10."
    • "or all Windows users who want to do both SDR and HDR playback in perfect quality, I can only recommend Nvidia GPUs, because only Nvidia's private API allows madVR to dynamically switch the TV between SDR <-> HDR. I'm talking to Intel, maybe they will add a private API, too. Unfortunately my AMD contacts have gone silent." [3]
  • "atm 4K HEVC decoding is a bit problematic. To get the best quality, right now you need to use DXVA copyback, and that costs serious amount of PCIe bandwidth. I suppose with 24fps content, PCIe 2.0 is probably enough, but it might not be a bad idea to go for PCIe 3.0, just to be safe." [4]