Avid Media Composer - Default Settings That Need Changing

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  • when creating a new user, the Import Color Levels setting defaults to "Scale from full range to legal range." It should be changed to "Do not modify, treat as legal range."

Video Quality Menu[edit]

  • when entering an Avid Project, the Video Quality Menu defaults to Draft Quality. Change it to Full Quality.

Group Menu for Multicamera Editing[edit]

  • when viewing a Group Clip in the Composer window, Audio Follow Video is deselected. Select it.
    • "You can select the Audio Follow Video option from the Group menu to instruct the system to switch both audio and video for each camera angle or selective camera style. The Group Menu icon changes to green when you select the Audio Follow Video option. Audio Follow Video overrides the track selection beside the Timeline and switches audio in track A1 only. Audio-Follow-Video edits appear in the Timeline as match frames (that is, the transition contains an equal sign)"