Epost documents are deleted after 7 years

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epost likes to warn its users that it routinely deleted old documents but offers no way of batch downloading those same documents for the user's safe-keeping.

Subject: epost documents are deleted after 7 years 

Dear epost User, 

Canada Post deletes epost mailpieces and other documents that we have stored and are older than 7 years. This includes, but is not limited to, all invoices, notifications and statements delivered through epost. 

Please be aware that if your epost account contains documents older than seven years, they will be permanently deleted two months from the date of this message. You will no longer be able to access them through your epost account or in the Canada Post system. 

If you want to keep these documents, download them to your own computer or another storage device. You can also print and store paper copies. 

Thank you for choosing epost.