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host volume paths and the container paths[edit]

  • "The host path is (generally) your shares that you want to give the container access to. Best practice for containers dictates that if the container only needs access to a Downloads share, that you only create a mapping for the Downloads share."
    • eg. /mnt/user/Downloads
  • "On the container path side of things, you tell the container how it should "refer" to the host path. IE: If the container path is /Downloads, then whenever you tell the container to save something into /Downloads, docker will then "map" it and actually store it on your unRaid system at /mnt/user/Downloads." [1]

5.25" to 5X 3.5" Hard Drive Tray[edit]

  • ORICO 1106SS-V1-BK
    • "Cons: Not compatible with WD Red series HDD because of a design flaw." [2]